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Rent luxury apartments in Eilat

La Palmerate Residence in Eilat is a luxury apartment building of a higher level of design and finish that offers a wide range of services and amenities including waterfront pool, SPA center, 24 hour security and many more… La Palmerate Residence located in quiet and beautiful area of Eilat right

Fly to Eilat!

Eilat - a wonderful city on the Red Sea. Even the birds always stay here. They know exactly what they will be fine here. Arrive and you, and we will help you choose where to stay

Elite complex in Eilat – Aquarelle

A unique opportunity to live on the coast. On the shore of the Red Sea in the world begins construction of a new exclusive residential quarter called "Aquarelle".    

House by the creek

  Complex "House by the creek" consists of 19 villas, which are located at the foot of Edom Mountains in Eilat, near the mouth of the seasonal creek. Complex has a view of the bay framed by granite mountains. In the future, the construction of a prospectus that will open direct