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Investing in Real Estate in Israel - it is one of the best deals in the world for investors .For the past 10 years, the price of real estate is growing steadily by an average of 10-12 percent a year, and changes in the trend are not expected. The Israeli economy is booming,

Eilat. Real Estate in Eilat

Real Estate in Israel - this is a safe and profitable investment. Over the past decade, prices have risen by 10 to 12% per annum consistently and stably. Even the recent global crisis has not affected the growth of property prices in Israel. The question is what is the most

Eilat is waiting for you

Eilat is the southernmost city in Israel. It enjoys a bustling port, a 10 km stretch of beach mostly covered with pebbles or rough sand (some beaches have brought gentler sand for the benefit of their guests) and great proximity to Sinai and the ancient ruins of Petra. About 56,000

How much costs an apartment in Israel?

How much costs an apartment in Israel? The answer to this question could be found in lot of publications and analytical services, but the average values doesn’t say a lot to potential buyer, inexperienced in the stock ticker and the intricacies of the real estate market. As we have

Essential steps us to be taken when buying a real estate in Israel

If you consider to buy Real Estate overseas in Israel there are certain legal precautions that should be followed throughout the procedure in order to protect your interests and ensure your purchase goes successfully and securely. This article will outline some essential steps and precautions recommended by us to be

Real estate and apartments in Israel: what ever the reason, it’s a great idea

Whether you’re planning a vacation in Israel, or you have longer term plans to stay there, you may consider buying a property on the Israel real estate market, or choosing from the range of Israel rental properties. You will find apartments in Israel that are available for temporary rental and

The best way to arrange a vacation rental

Vacation rentals continue to be a popular and growing part of the accommodations spectrum. Compared with hotels, motels, and resorts, they offer some combination of more room for the dollar, lower cost per person, often superior locations, and the ability to cut costs by doing some of your own meals.

Israeli real estate prices still rising in 2011

According to independent experts prediction, real estate in Israel - both for rent and for sale - will continue to go up. Economists of the largest Israeli bank Hapoalim published forecast of trends in the property market in 2011. Leading economists and experts say: despite all the affords of

Rental property in Israel

Times of holidays are yet to come and summer is still far. But in Israel It's already warm and sunny, however in Eilat just hot. Those who are tired of the snow and coolness will be pleased to be warmed on the Israeli spring sunshine. Let's imagine that you have been

Mortgages in Israel

Government mortgage for Olim A government mortgage provides Olim who are not homeowners with a limited, low cost mortgage towards the cost of a property. Who is eligible ? The person or family must be: (a) Non-homeowners - "A person who isn't and hasn't been registered as owner or part owner of a

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The recent Israeli elections were followed by a number of pronouncements by US officials praising democracy in Israel. However democracy is much more than elections, and many freedoms that Americans take for granted are not available in Israel. For example, Israel's Arab citizens suffer from discriminatory real estate and housing