Investing in Real Estate in Israel – it is one of the best deals in the world for investors .For
the past 10 years, the price of real estate is growing steadily by an average of 10-12 percent
a year, and changes in the trend are not expected.
The Israeli economy is booming, especially in the fields of high technology, Internet, the
production of high-precision weapons and in innovation, so it was practically not affected by
the world economy crisis of 2007 – 2009.
Due to the high birth rate and the growing prosperity of Israelis, as well as the yearly
increasing immigration of Jews to Israel from all over the world, who for the most part
immediately acquire a house in a new country, a steady demand for houses is ensured.
Israelis acquire about 90 percent of all real estate that is sold in the country. Among foreign
buyers are Jews from of all over the world. There is a steady growing trend in the acquisition
of real estate in Israel, both for personal use and as investments.
Thanks to the democratic structure of the state, protecting the rights of foreign buyers as
well as the rights of the Israelis, and with the help of sustainable and stable growth in
property prices, Israel is popular among Jewish and non-Jewish investors.
There is a growing demand for real-estate in Israel. In a growing amount of investors, there
are numerous offices of major international corporations. These Companies are buying
skyscrapers in Tel Aviv, for the purpose of offices and technology centers, as well as buying
homes for their employees. Any respected company has offices in Israel.
Israel is a small country, so the area for development is limited. This is the reason that the
increase in demand and rising real estate prices is steady. The growth is natural and not a
“real estate bubble”.
Buying property in Israel is a safe investment of your money.
The article was prepared by the Israeli real estate agency “Club Eilat”