Rental property in Israel

Times of holidays are yet to come and summer is still far. But in Israel It’s already warm and sunny, however in Eilat just hot. Those who are tired of the snow and coolness will be pleased to be warmed on the Israeli spring sunshine.

Let’s imagine that you have been gathered for a week in Eilat. The Red Sea is warm, but not too hot. As always a lot of tourists in this time of the year are coming here to rest as an Israelis, because they know that this is the most pleasant season in Eilat.

Imagine that you are traveling with your family or friends in the company of 3 – 4 people. Of course, you can go to the nearest travel agency and pay $ 100 per person per night, to stay at the simple hotel and ride at a furious pace between the cities and villages of Israel , coming back home tired and exhausted.
We are inviting you to consider another option. Rent a luxury villa in Eilat and relax like a king! See our offers to rent real estate in Eilat. For only 300 dollars per night you can rent a luxury penthouse with a private pool or villa by the sea. These apartments and villas furnished with an expensive furniture and all necessary home appliances, there is also an internet and television cable. Typically, this property is part of an elite residential complex, the level of comfort is very high. In these complexes, there are spas and gyms and many other pleasant things, but no crowds of tourists, as it is usually in the hotels.

Simple arithmetic shows that the lease luxury real estate will cost you approximately the same price as the room in an ordinary hotel, but the quality of your holiday will be much better. You do not have to suffer from unwelcomed noises and neighbors in the hotel, run for every cup of coffee to the restaurant and worry about the safety of your belongings in the room.
Calm, comfort, absolute independence and freedom – this is a perfect holiday. Do not worry about excursions and trips. There are a lot of travel agencies in Eilat who will be happy to assist you. Go to the embankment, and simply come to any travel agency.
Renting luxury real estate in Israel has became very popular in the last time, especially after the ending of the visa regime between Israel and Russia. Everything has became much easier and more affordable.

Many have already discovered the benefits of such vacation on the villas and luxury apartments in Eilat. Try it and we will be happy to offer you to rent a property at any time.

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