About Agency

Lerner Real Estate in Eilat provide brokering services to real estate sales transactions, based on professional experience and in-depth knowledge of the real estate field they act in. Our agency successfully works in Israel  real estate market for more than 20 years.

Looking for an apartment in Israel  that suits you and your budget? Cannot decide which house for sale is best? Lerner Real Estate offers you a list of suitable buying solutions and places
Lerner Real Estate Agency manage any real estate transactions in Eilat and all popular Israel areas like Caesarea, Herzliya, Netania, Tel – Aviv. We offer a wide range of new and second hand properties in Israel:


  • houses
  • land plots
  • commercial real estate

Lerner Real Estate enables you to find long and short term rentals in Eilat. We can arrange a vacation rental for you in hours. We have a range of luxury “hotel like” apartments and houses for your vacation. Keys are with us, immediate deal is possible.

Our experienced staff will help you choose a property, to get a mortgage in Israeli banks, to advise you on any question relating to real estate in Israel. We employ experienced and the best realtors in the market. Lerner agency will provide any required assistance to conduct real estate transaction including Israeli real estate lawer support.


  • We can advise you on any matter relating to real estate taxes and regulations in Israel.
  • If necessary, we connect you with an experienced English speaking lawyer for advice.
  • We will assist to process a proper documentation for obtaining real estate loan in Israeli bank.
  • When necessary, our company will provide you with an Israeli certified engineer to check the legality of construction and the possibilities of restructuring .
  • Property management
  • If you do not live in Israel, our agency can manage your property and will help you to earn from realty rentals.