Apartments in Israel for Sale

Israel is a small country with strong economics, its small size makes each piece of land really valuable, so buying apartment in Israel could be considered as profitable investment. The interest rates on mortgage in Israel are low, the tax reform significantly increased the benefits provided for new immigrants to Israel. Among those benefits for new immigrants in Israel is tax exempt in Israel and reporting exempt for a period of up to 10 years.
We offer you a great variety of quality apartments in Eilat, the most popular city of Israel. Most of apartments are “ready to live there” that is a big advantage for those who looking to immigrate from other country of to buy an investment apartment. We are ready to provide professional consulting for you in regarding to purchasing apartments in Israel. Please contact us, we will be happy to assist.

Property Number:  773
Penthouse in new elite residential complex "Golf" in Eilat, penthouse apartment located in a new, comfortable home-hour security, sauna, large swimming pool, spa and underground parking for cars. The penthouse has 5 rooms - large living room and 4 rooms.
Property Number:  737
Luxury apartment in Eilat with a sea view and a splendid interior. The apartment is located in a complex Amdar Residence on the 4th floor of 7 storey building. The apartment has 3 bedrooms, 2 balconies, 2 bathrooms, shower room,
Property Number:  732
Large apartment in new development Neve Nof in Eilat.  Neve Nof has high standards of construction and quality apartments finish. Apartment area is 124 meters, with a large balcony overlooking the sea. The complex is in the final stages of
Property Number:  729
For sale luxury 4 -bedroom apartment in the elite residential complex in Eilat - " Amdar Residence ." The residential complex is located in the villas in a 5-minute walk from the sea . Square footage 140 m. meters, kitchen
Property Number:  726
Apartment is located in a luxury complex LaPalmerate. The apartment has 3 bedrooms and living room, terrace area of 15 meters. The total area of 107 square meters. Luxury residential complex located 150 meters from the sea, in the territory
Property Number:  723
Apartment in a prestigious area of ??Eilat - Amdar Village 5 minutes walk to the beach and shopping center. The apartment has 3 rooms and two balconies - 20 meters and 5 meters with a beautiful view of the bay.
Property Number:  719
For sale a  great new apartment in Eilat. The apartment offers 4 rooms - 3 bedrooms, living room and open pane  kitchen, living area is 102 meters and the terrace area of 15 meters. The apartment has 2 bathrooms. The
Property Number:  712
Two-bedroom apartment in Eilat, close to the sea, near Tzofit Elite. Apartment in perfect condition after the repair, the total area of ??78 meters. Kitchen - American, together with the living room.
Property Number:  709
For Sale 5-bedroom apartment in Eilat. The apartment is located in a nice, new area of ??Eila near the sea.There is a park  next to the house. The apartment is in excellent condition, has a private parking. Spacious kitchen is
Property Number:  705
For sale two-bedroom apartment in Eilat with a sea view. The apartment has two bedrooms and a living room, two balconies, living area is 90 sq.m. The apartment is in excellent condition after repair, central air conditioning, solar boiler, new
Property Number:  701
3-bedroom apartment in a new area of ??Eilat, located on the third floor of a three-story house. In an entrance 6 apartments. In the area of ??infrastructure - shops, a pharmacy, kindergarten, school. Distance from the sea and the promenade
Property Number:  697
4-bedroom luxury apartment in the prestigious residential complex in Eilat - "Amdar Residence", a 5-minute walk from the sea. Square footage 131 meters. Kitchen 12 m, 2 bathrooms, large balcony of 50 sq.m. The apartment is fully furnished and equipped
Property Number:  688
Two levels apartment in luxury guarded complex in Eilat. Exclusive location. Close to seafront, restaurants , bars and shopping centers. Complex is surrounded by Eilat bay from 3 sides. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, 88 sq.m. living area, perfect condition,
Property Number:  675
For sale luxurious apartment in the prestigious residential complex in Eilat - AMDAR Residence, 5 minutes a walk from sea. Apartment area 131 meters . Kitchen 12 m, 2 bathrooms , 2 balconies, great view of the Gulf of Eilat
Property Number:  1057
Dental Clinic is located in two floors - two apartments . Apartments are - one on the ground floor with a yard, another one on the second floor and has a balcony. The market of these two apartments is $220.000
Property Number:  756
For sale beautiful penthouse apartment  in a prestigious area of Eilat. The apartment has 4 rooms:  living room and 3 bedrooms. The apartment is perfectly rennovated offers 65 sqm balcony, panoramic sea views. Penthouse is located on the 4th floor of